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build-a-bot wall decal


Macho & Mechanic, these Robots are made from action, engines & fiction. Use your imagination and know the possibilities are endless to create you own ‘bot personality…

Reusable, eco friendly life size fabric wall decals that will transform any blank walls into an interactive learning experience. More information below.

Brand: Pop & Lolli

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SG$ 186.00

Create your own unique picture story on your wall with individuaily cut stickers. Experiencing design as an opportunity for expression and exploration - something every kids deserve. For decals installation and information, click here.

47 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

  • 9 Robot Heads
  • 3 Pairs of Scientific Glasses
  • 6 Robot Bodies
  • 8 Pairs of Robot Appendages
  • 9 Set of Robot Mechanic Limbs
  • Mix n match the body parts to form new robots everytime

Character height:
Varying from about 18” – 30”

Use as a single design for simple fun, or combine various favorites to add some funky & spunky to any room for an interactive experience. PICTURE POETRY unique in its concept and application you create your own fabulous & flexible artistic mural constantly changing as your mood depicts and time evolves.

Decal will arrive looking like this on a sheet of 25 x 52”. It will be in a well-protected poster tube which is recommended for storing the backing paper.

pop & lolli build-a-bot wall decal