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Pop & Lolli sticker demonstration, watch video here.

Pop and Lolli vs. the “others”

How do you apply Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers?

Unlike common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are ultra easy to install and play with. No instructions needed. No tools necessary. Just peel and stick.

Application is a simple 3-step process of peel, place, and then smooth it with your hand. It can be rearranged and easily removed numerous times. Freshly painted walls should be completely dry before applying the product. Pop & Lolli requires to wait at least 60 days after painting before you apply our fabric decals to the newly painted wall. Even though the paint will feel dry to the touch soon after it's been painted, it is still wet and will react with the eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based adhesive making the edges of the decals not stick properly. Drying time depends on the environment, the time of year, the number of layers of paint and the paint brand used.

For the very large and oversized stickers with some complicated shapes, expect to need a helping hand or two, place it on the wall and start from one end to gently smooth the sticker out as you work your way to the other end.

After the decals are placed into position on the wall.  We may suggest to use a sturdy object, like a credit card, and firmly apply pressure on it smoothing back and forth over the entire decal to firmly press it in place. This will ensure no loose edges

Since our collections arrive on large oversized sheets of paper, it may be sometimes difficult to work with such a big sheet. We suggest you cut each decal from the backing sheet whilst still on the backing paper. For storing purposes later on, we may also suggest to write on the back of these backing cut-outs with a pencil, not a sharpie/marker, which character/decal need to be returned to it to make sure it fits properly on the backing during storage.

Larger decals, like the trees, we would recommend you do the step above. Then hold it in place right where it needs to be positioned on the wall WITH the backing paper still on. Peel the backing paper (a small bit only) away from the decal at the top, and fold it over. Place the small exposed sticky side of the decal on the wall and with the one hand gently pull the folded backing paper more and more away from the decal whilst at the same time smoothing down the decal and pressing firmly against the wall with the other hand.

If there happen to be a few small bubbles (trapped air) after you placed the decal on the wall. Do not fear! No need to remove it and try again. Simply use a sharp object, like a needle or pin tack and prick it gently to make a tiny hole. Then simply smooth out with your thumb. The hole will help the air escape and ensure you have a perfectly smooth decal.

How do you save Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers once you remove it from the wall?

When you’re ready to move or store it for future use, please remember to return it to its original wax-coated backing paper and safely store it in the protective tube it came with. Keeping the adhesive side free of debris and dust when rearranging, or returning it to the original backing paper it arrived on, will help extend the long life of the product.

Are Pop & Lolli experience-design decals 100% safe for use with children?

Pop & Lolli experience-design decals are made in the USA of nontoxic materials and lead free ink. Unlike common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers does not contain any of the PVC’s used in the manufacturing of vinyl and it maintains a very eco-friendly water based adhesive. Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers utilizes the new Eco-Sol Max inks, which are solvent inks that provide durability and UV resistance, but do not contain the harsh chemicals used in mild and full solvent printing.

What are Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers made of?

Unlike common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are made from an ultra premium, very re-usable, finely woven polyester fabric. Pop & Lolli experience-design decals will not shrink, curl, peel, rip easily*, stretch, wrinkle, crack, harden or leave a residue over time. The decals will easily pull free, if it turns in and sticks to itself.

*It is noted that certain areas are compromised in its strength due to the shape, this results in weaker corners.

Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers arrived with dents, creases and or folds. Is this a defective item?

Because Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are made from an ultra premium polyester fabric, it is reasonable to expect to receive it with some dents and or perhaps some creases caused during packaging and shipping. But rest assured, due to the superior quality of the material and inherent nature of the fabric, all creases and dents are only temporary. It will be completely gone and not at all noticeable once in position, placed and smoothed on the wall.

Upon arrival, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers does not seem to stick to the backing paper it came with, almost like it has no stickiness on the backside. Is this a defective item?

Due to the nature of the material of the product with the water-based adhesive, can it also be expected to seem a little "loose" and not sticking well on the wax-coated backing paper it arrives on. Rest assured - this is normal! It is designed and intended to be that way, and once you place it on your wall you will be very pleasantly surprised to see how well and easy it sticks to the wall and removes and sticks to the wall and removes and sticks to the wall...

How long will Pop & Lolli chic fabric stickers stay up on a wall?

Unlike the common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli experience-design decals have a semi-gloss UV protective coating which provides a lifespan of 7 – 10 years indoors and 5 – 7 years outdoors, provided good care, appropriate environments and handling was administered.

Unlike the common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are much more re-usable friendly for many many many many many many … times, depending on the conditions of the surface and the environment. Please just remember that it is still a sticker. Ensure your environment and surfaces are always free of dust, otherwise it may loose tackiness over time.
Please note, it is important to activate the water based adhesive within 3 months of receiving the product. Even though the product is removable, and re-usable, and can be stored again, the eco-friendly, waterbased adhesive needs to be activated within 3 months of production to ensure it works long term.

Will Pop & Lolli chic fabric stickers stick to any wall?

Unlike the common regular vinyl decals, Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are proven to stick to almost all surfaces including more roughly textured surfaces. Please note that we do not guarantee longevity of adherence on rougher textured surfaces such as brick, cinder block, stucco and plaster and in very few instances, a very prominant orange peel finish.

What to do if an individual piece of Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall sticker is too big for the area of installation?

Pop & Lolli experience-design decals can be cut with a scissor or overlapped to suit your decorating needs.

How do you rearrange your Pop & Lolli experience-design decals?

To rearrange your composition and to tell a different story, carefully peel off each element and reposition it where you like, smooth it out with your hand, and continue to experience, enjoy, dream and play!

How do you clean Pop & Lolli experience-design decals?
Simply wipe it with a damp cloth.